From idea to VLE in a day: METIS approach and tools for learning co-design

Despite the abundance of high-quality educational technology, and of research demonstrating its value, educators are still struggling to make effective use of these technologies and the associated pedagogies in their daily practices.

Arguably, there is a gap in the capacity for Learning Design (LD): educators need to identify educational challenges, describe the context in which they arise, identify the opportunities afforded by technology, project the insights derived from research, and devise new learning experiences. To address this gap, educators need tools and practices:

  1. Tools that would support them through the cycle of LD from conception to deployment and evaluation of techno-educational innovations.
  2. Professional practices that use such tools to ensure the robustness and effectiveness of their innovations and make LD part of their professional identity.

The METIS project ( gathers the experience of some of the leading research groups in the field of LD, and contributes to this aim by providing educators with an Integrated Learning Design Environment (ILDE),, and educator-training approaches for using the ILDE to support effective LD.

The workshop will lead participants through a cycle of Design Inquiry of Learning, supported by METIS tools and practices. In such a cycle, designers define their target audience and learning context, identify an educational challenge for this audience within this context, consider existing solutions to this challenge and appropriate theoretical frameworks, conceptualise a solution, prototype and evaluate it (using the ILDE support). Thus, participants and their co-designers will be able to produce a draft LD and deploy it to a VLE or another learning platform (e.g. Moodle, Blogger, MediaWiki) at the click of a button.

The assistance to this workshop is free and public, both for TEEM’14 attendees and non-attendees. Please, fill the following form to register in the workshop.